Local Carbon – Strategic Branding for Climate Focused Startup

Local Carbon – Strategic Branding How Strategic Branding Catapulted Local Carbon (Now Sumday) to Pre-seed Funding Success Brandmark design / Brand pitch deck / Business ideation – Strategy Requirement Local Carbon engaged us to create a compelling visual and verbal brand that would resonate with top climate-focused venture capital firms and inspire them to invest […]

Elevating Project Management: The BOAB Branding Journey

BOAB Project Management – Branding Elevating Project Management: The BOAB Branding Journey Challenge When BOAB Management, a dynamic project management firm in Australia, approached Storyfolk, they sought a complete brand overhaul. Our challenge was clear: redefine BOAB’s brand identity and value system, establishing them as industry leaders in the project management space. The goal was […]

Narava – Strategy and Branding for Sustainable Furniture Store

Narava A sustainable furniture brand that is hand-crafted in every way; from product to branding to unboxing. Brand Identity / Art Direction / Strategy / Photography / Illustration / Animation Challenge Crafting a Sustainable Narrative for Narava Narava, an Australian sustainable furniture brand, faced the challenge of marrying desirability with ethical sourcing in response to […]

ION BLUE – Explainer Video Renewable Energy Animation

Illustrated EV vehicle driving to charging station in scene 1 of the renewable energy animation explainer video

ION BLUE – Renewable energy explainer video ION BLUE Crafting an Engaging Renewable Energy Animation and Explainer Video for Ion Blue Storyboard / Script Creation / Illustration / Animation Challenge Ion Blue’s founders approached us with a unique challenge: to develop a compelling renewable energy explainer video to introduce Ion Blue to the market, attract […]

Horizon NL – Renewable Energy Branding: A Path to a Cleaner, Greener Future

Renewable energy branding highlighted in a grid advertisement featuring solar farms, the horizon NL logo and messaging

Horizon NL – Renewable Energy Branding Renewable Energy Branding: A Path to a Cleaner, Greener Future Brand Identity / Strategy / Iconography / Print Collateral / Digital Collateral / Website Design Challenge Revolutionising Renewable Energy Branding for Horizon NL Horizon NL, a Dutch renewable energy company, found itself in a fiercely competitive energy market dominated […]