The Power of Visual Storytelling: Elevating Hummingbird Meta’s Courseware through Strategic Video Creation

Visual identity for Hummingbird Meta's courseware videos

Hummingbird Meta The Power of Visual Storytelling: Elevating Hummingbird Meta’s Courseware through Strategic Video Creation Visual Identity / Strategy / Tag Line Creation / Animation / Script Writing / Videography Challenge Amidst a crowded market, Hummingbird Meta, an online courseware platform for entrepreneurs, aimed to carve a distinctive niche. Specifically targeting female-founded businesses, their challenge […]

Space Tech Redefined: Branding for Open Galactic to Push the Australian Space Economy Forward

Open Galactic logo and typographic visual language highlighted in branded lockup on image of earth in obit

Open Galactic — Brand Identity Space Tech Redefined: Branding to Push the Australian and Global Space Economy Forward Brand guidelines / Animation / Logo design / Visual language design Australian Design Awards 2024 Gold Winner Technology Identity & Branding Sydney Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner Technology Identity & Branding Melbourne Design Awards 2023 Silver Winner […]

ION BLUE – Explainer Video Renewable Energy Animation

Illustrated EV vehicle driving to charging station in scene 1 of the renewable energy animation explainer video

ION BLUE – Renewable energy explainer video ION BLUE Crafting an Engaging Renewable Energy Animation and Explainer Video for Ion Blue Storyboard / Script Creation / Illustration / Animation Challenge Ion Blue’s founders approached us with a unique challenge: to develop a compelling renewable energy explainer video to introduce Ion Blue to the market, attract […]

3D CGI Animated Short Video for Tomorrow Agency

Tomorrow Animation 3D Animation depicting the creative process. 3D CGI Animation / Motion Graphics The creative process looks completely different from person-to-person, studio-to-studio. That is the beautiful thing about creativity, you can have multiple solutions to the same question or problem. We created a series of 3D images and animation depicting the process for Tomorrow. […]

Shifting Perspectives: Transforming a Community Group’s Brand Identity

Shift How did we help a grassroots community group transition into a polished, high impact org? Brand Identity / Art Direction / Strategy / Digital / Animation / Illustration / Branding We were approached by the team at Shift to realign their brand goals and create their visual branding so they could reach more people […]