Storyfolk Rated Australia’s Leading Nonprofit Brand Consultancy; #1 in Australia and 4th Globally for 2024

Clutch Badge reads: 'Top Branding Company Non-Profit 2024' awarded to Storyfolk to highlight them being industry leading consultants and NFP specialists.

We’ve been rated #1 top Australian not-for-profit branding agency

We are thrilled to announce that, for the second consecutive year, Storyfolk has achieved remarkable recognition as a dominant force in non-profit branding, earning the esteemed title of “Top Branding Company for Non-Profits 2024” by Clutch. This year’s assessment not only solidified our standing as the #1 choice in the category of “Australian Non-Profit Consulting firm” but also positioned us at the 4th spot globally. Clutch, a distinguished B2B ratings and reviews platform, is well-known for its meticulous evaluation process, which takes into account client interviews, industry expertise, and market presence. This reaffirms Storyfolk as the Top Australian Not-for-profit Branding Agency, a testament to our commitment to excellence in the non-profit sector. Being rated a leading nonprofit brand consultancy is an incredible honour.

Storyfolk excels as the leading “Australian non-profit consulting firm” and claims 4th place globally.

Our commitment to excellence has not only earned us the coveted #1 position as the “Australian Non-Profit Consulting firm” but also a remarkable 4th position globally in Clutch’s latest evaluation. This achievement underscores our dedication to empowering and supporting the non-profit sector through the strategic application of design, branding, and storytelling.

Clutch: A trusted brand platform for millions

Clutch stands as the go-to global marketplace for B2B service providers, with over 1 million business leaders relying on its insights monthly. It distinguishes itself by empowering informed decision-making through in-depth client interviews, aiding businesses in finding the right partners tailored to their specific needs. Our recognition as the best in Australia for branding in the Non-profit sector on Clutch is a proud reflection of our dedication and expertise in the NFP sector.


As an Australian leading nonprofit brand consultancy, we are committed to the NFP sector.

This recognition validates our belief in purposeful branding and strategic thinking, as we envision transforming the not-for-profit landscape. As a top branding company for nonprofits we are committed to fostering stronger, more impactful, and authentic connections between organisations and their audiences through the power of co-design and clever branding. Our role involves crafting compelling brands and telling emotionally resonant stories, enabling organisations to flourish, attract funding and grow.


View a few projects within the NFP sector we are proud of:



Image showcasing the outstanding website designs created by Storyfolk, a leading nonprofit brand consultancy and rated the Top Australian Not-for-profit Branding Company. The displays exhibit the agency's commitment to excellence in crafting impactful and strategic web designs for non-profit organisations.








Thank you to our not-for-profit clients

At Storyfolk, we take immense pride in our collaborations with a diverse range of non-profit organisations, each with its unique mission for positive change. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients and partners for their trust and support, considering it a huge honour to play a part in their brand story.


Making a positive impact for the community

As we look forward, Storyfolk remains eager to continue our mission of utilising design, branding, and storytelling to create a positive impact in the community. For those within the non-profit sector seeking a creative and strategic consultancy to enhance their brand, digital or storytelling, we invite you to contact us here or connect directly with our Creative Director, Sarah Gross here. 


View our Clutch Profile, here.

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