Pause Awards Judging for Excellence, Good and Culture

Group of Pause award judges featuring our Design Director Cass

There are 60 expert judges from Australia and abroad all geared up to score some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking businesses. We’re fortunate to have our very own Cass Mackenzie and Sarah Gross selected to be on the Pause Awards judging panel across:

Good: Standing up for your purpose and going beyond together as a team aligned on the single mission to positively impact the environment, people and community. Excellence: Celebrating commercial effectiveness through success in the marketplace by leaving a dent in the universe, no matter what the size of the company. Culture: Creating a safe and open space in which everyone thrives and the collaboration flows through all levels and titles with the power of the one team.

Pause Awards, like Pause Fest, celebrates and champions innovative Australian businesses annually to measure the progress of the Australian innovation ecosystem.


Here is what our Creative Director, Sarah, had to say about it:

“’I’m thrilled to be part of the Pause Awards judging team for Pause 2022. Pause is always such a great event with diverse people, businesses, and ideas. It’s always surprising, inspiring and evolving — which I love. I’m particularly excited to see what people have been up to during COVID, and what innovative ideas have been conjured up throughout lockdown to find solutions to some of our pressing issues such as sustainability, mental health and inclusive design. Thanks for having me, I can’t wait to get amongst it.


For more info on Pause, or to enter, head to the Pause Awards Website here >

A designed announcement tile for the Pause Awards Judges featuring our Director Cass A designed announcement tile for the Pause Awards Judges featuring our Director Sarah

A list of the 31 categories from the Pause Awards



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