Storyfolk Wins Gold at the Australian Design Awards 2024 for Branding in Tech

Australian design award winning entry Open Galactic. Image shows the suite of brand collateral including: business cards, poster, typographic design, website and logo design.

We’re thrilled to share that Storyfolk has clinched the Gold Award at the ‘Better Future’ Australian Design Awards 2024 for our branding on the SpaceTech platform, OpenGalactic. 


This achievement underscores our passion and expertise in crafting powerful, forward-thinking brands for the dynamic technology sector – a milestone we take immense pride in being recognised on a national scale.

Award winning design, Gif logo animation of the dynamic forward thinking brankmark Storyfolk designed for Open Galactic. Two rings orbit and as they rotate the solid filled lines of the logo reveal text that reads, Open Source, Open Innovation, Open Technology.

National excellence in design.

The Australian Design Awards is an esteemed platform that honours national excellence, celebrating those who lead with courage, innovation, and diversity in design. The Australian Design Awards recognises the transformative power of design to drive Australia into a future we collectively envision. 


The start of something much bigger.

The significance of this Gold Award in such a big and powerful category like tech is an achievement we are humbled about. Australia is quickly emerging as a powerhouse in the global market, becoming the third-largest tech ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region. With the tech sector witnessing exceptional growth of over 80% in five years; we are proud to contribute to the innovation of the tech sector through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, particularly in the SpaceTech and broader technology sectors such as renewable energy and virtual reality.


A partnership to remember. 

We sincerely thank Saber Astronautics for entrusting us with the unique OpenGalactic project. From collaborative workshops to the final outcome, this venture was indeed “out-of-this-world,”. A special shoutout goes out to Aidan O’Brien, Head Of Infrastructure Analytics at Saber Astronautics, who brought a huge amount of insight and collaboration that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the SpaceTech landscape, resulting in a resonant end product that has made waves both nationally and internationally. Thanks team.


Read the project case study.

See the Australian Design Awards project feature.

A grid of 4 branded images for Open Galactic Australian Award winning design in innovation and tech branding. Image 1 shows the OG logo design on the side of a satellite, 2 a backpack with the typographic visual language, 3 business cards and 4 the innovative forward thinking typographic design.

Storyfolk is an Australian Brand Consultancy specialising in brand strategy and design. Storyfolk blurs the line between strategic thinking and thoughtful design to create memorable moments between brands and their audience. Storyfolk are a nimble agency who pride themselves on building exceptional relationships with their clients to produce exceptional work. Reach out to us here.

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