Expertise in Health Branding: Celebrating our Melbourne Design Award Win

Alto Health logo design with an award badge showcasing our expertise in health branding

We are thrilled to share our recent achievement at the Better Futures Award Program, a part of the Melbourne Design Awards. Our project, Alto Health, secured the SILVER award in the Identity and Branding (Health) category. This recognition is a testament to our expertise in health branding.

Our award submission highlighted how we transformed the Australian healthcare landscape with Alto Health’s refreshing and progressive design. We aimed to create a more personal relationship between patients and doctors, departing from the traditional clinical and impersonal feel of general practices.

Alto Health’s branding, website design, and marketing were all designed with patient usability and trust in mind, in collaboration with the medical practitioners at Alto Health.

We recognised the need for a person-centric and service-focused approach to healthcare and successfully implemented it in Alto Health’s brand identity. Our design embraced warm, sophisticated aesthetics inspired by Sydney’s textural elements and local beaches, creating a welcoming patient experience.
Phone screens displaying the quality and our expertise in health branding

Our design principles centred on humanising healthcare, enhancing accessibility, and problem-solving. We aimed to bring compassion to both the digital and in-person healthcare experience. The natural colours and soft contours in Alto Health’s brand appeal to the Sydney-sider’s love for the local landscape, drawing inspiration from altocumulus clouds, which symbolise complexity and interconnectedness, mirroring our approach to healthcare.

In a pivotal move during the pandemic, we integrated Telehealth into Alto Health’s website design within just three weeks before launch, allowing them to offer contact-free essential services.

Our agile approach ensured that Alto Health could provide quality healthcare during the global pandemic, expanding its reach and brand value. Today, Alto Health continues to thrive, delivering high-quality healthcare without geographical limitations.

Our success in health branding at the Melbourne Design Awards is a testament to our commitment to innovation and patient-centred design. We look forward to further transforming the healthcare landscape with our expertise.

For more details on our award-winning project, read the full story here or view the Alto Health case study on our website here.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, innovations and expertise in health branding from Storyfolk.


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