Design Thinking in Mental Health Campaigns: The #SAVEHOSPO Project during Covid-19

Design Thinking Executed in Mental Health Campaign: Paste-Up Posters Across Melbourne

Amid the challenging landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, a remarkable initiative called the #SAVEHOSPO Project emerged. This project went beyond its initial mission to promote 35 Melbourne-based hospitality businesses and evolved into a beacon of hope, showcasing the power of design thinking in mental health campaigns.

Originally conceived as a passionate effort to shed light on the struggles of local hospitality businesses affected by the pandemic, #SAVEHOSPO was born out of a desire to support our friends in the industry. As it gained traction, it became evident that it was a prime example of design thinking in action, with its innovative approach to addressing mental health needs through a unique social media campaign.

The project was not merely about creating awareness; it also demonstrated the thoughtful application of design thinking. Through a strategic collaboration with the mental health platform Cyber Clinic, the initiative expanded into a Telehealth service. This service not only provided individual hospitality workers with discounted access to much-needed mental health care during these trying times but also exemplified the concept of design thinking in mental health campaigns.

The project gained momentum on social and through the platform Clipboard Hospitality and offered 13,000 people access to professional mental health support.

The project employed the powerful concept of “local” as an image housing device to spotlight each business with creative food-inspired graphics. The intent was to infuse a sense of simplicity and vibrancy into a period marked by hardship. Taking a holistic approach to design, a custom code was incorporated to ensure that discounted mental health care was readily available to hospitality workers. This bespoke approach truly embodies design thinking’s essence, which involves human-centered solutions and problem-solving.

The success of #SAVEHOSPO, both in promoting local businesses and addressing mental health needs, underscores the transformative potential of design thinking in mental health campaigns. It showcases how innovative thinking and design can make a profound impact on the community, especially in challenging times like a global pandemic.

Collaboration, shared resources, and knowledge were the driving forces behind #SAVEHOSPO. The project was fueled by a common objective: to assist the Melbourne and Australian hospitality industry during the COVID-19 crisis. It seamlessly integrated purpose-driven design with emerging technologies, including AI-powered healthcare, to respond effectively to the crisis and achieve a shared goal of enhancing mental health.

#SAVEHOSPO stands as a testament to the synergy between design thinking, technology, and community spirit. It highlights the power of design thinking in mental health campaigns in making a real difference when it’s needed most.

For more information on Clipboard, visit their website (
For more information on Cyber Clinic, visit their website. (


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