Celebrating Finalist Success in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards

Finalist Award Badge awarded to Storyfolk, our Torquay based design studio is honoured to be apart of the Geelong Business Excellence Awards

“Having grown up in Anglesea and attended Primary school in Bellbrae and High School in Geelong, even though I’ve been away from this area for a good decade, the Surf Coast has always felt like home. That’s why being recognised in the region for what we’ve created at Storyfolk feels particularly meaningful to me.”

—Sarah Gross, Creative Director/Partner.


Life after lockdowns

After COVID-19 forced Melbourne into Australia’s longest and most stringent lockdown, Cass Mackenzie and Sarah Gross made a bold decision: move the Storyfolk HQ to the coast to embrace a refreshed perspective and a stronger focus on work/life balance. Cass moved to the Surf Coast and Sarah moved to the neighbouring Bellarine, and they soon found themselves drawn to the coastal town of Torquay to set up shop or the creative studio, in this case only a couple of hundred meters from the ocean shores.

Little did they know that this change in scenery would rejuvenate their creative spark and pave the way for remarkable growth, achievement and success including being named a finalist in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards for 2023.


A year of growth and success

In just twelve months, Storyfolk expanded the team, worked on a landmark Australian rebrand (more info on this to come), open their doors to a secondary office space in North Melbourne to ensure they have a place to work/meet with some of their loyal Melbourne clients and have now been named as a finalist in the esteemed Geelong Business Excellence Awards 2023. With thousands of businesses in the region, Storyfolk has quickly emerged as a creative force in Geelong, The Bellarine and Surf Coast.

Recognition for excellence

Storyfolk’s journey to the top has not gone unnoticed. Securing a spot among the top 50 businesses in Geelong, Bellarine, and the Surf Coast for 2023, they were further honoured to be named in the top 5 for both “Emerging Business” and “Corporate Social Responsibility.” This recognition is special to Cass and Sarah, underscoring their commitment to using design as a force for good—for the planet, people, and the community.  The stringent judging process, encompassing written responses, a comprehensive 2-hour panel discussion, and on-site evaluations meticulously examining industry achievements, financial growth, marketing prowess, customer service, and company culture, magnifies the gravity of this prestigious recognition.

Cass Mackenzie, Design Director/Partner, walked the blue carpet of the awards night and had this to say about the achievements:

“We so proud that Storyfolk has been named a Finalist, securing a place among the top 50 businesses in all of Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast. There are so many talented and inspiring businesses within the region so to be recognised as a finalist really does highlight we’re on the right track. Being in the top 5 for both “Emerging Business” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” was also a big highlight of the night.  For those who have been following our journey, being in the top 5 businesses for Corporate Social Responsibility in all of the Surf Coast, Bellarine, and Geelong is a source of immense pride for us, as we really do believe in leading by example. Now more than ever, it is important for companies to prioritise social responsibility. For us, “social responsibility” isn’t just a phrase; it’s a commitment to using design and our work as a force for good; good for the planet, people and the community.”


The power of values

At Storyfolk, our commitment to our brand values is not just a guiding principle; it’s at the heart of our success. Being named a Finalist in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards underscores the impact of aligning all business activities to your brand values to achieve success. The Geelong Business Excellence Awards serve as a distinguished platform that acknowledges exceptional businesses and allows us to spotlight our passion, commitment, and resilient spirit to a new demographic of potential clients and meet some wonderful, wonderful people from the local community.

Geelong business excellence awards, our graphic design agency from the Torquay Surfcoast named finalists

Celebrating success on the “blue carpet”: recognised on a local, national and international stage in 2023.

Amidst the glitz and glam of the “Blue Carpet” celebrations, we took a moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements we’ve attained this year, competing shoulder-to-shoulder with some truly outstanding businesses. To our wonderful clients, we really are thankful. We are most likely biased, but we really do feel lucky to work with some incredible minds but even behind their brilliance, they’re great people who are committed to making an impact in the world through their business, idea or not-for-profit; its a pretty amazing position for us to build these meaningful partnerships and contribute to their success. By doing this, we have a platform to create work that we’re proud of, strive to lead by example both in design and business and walk away with not only clients but, often, professional friends. So, thank you.

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