Harmonising purpose and profit: NFP strategies for EOFY campaigns and partnerships

Illustration of an office worker juggling balls with the words Purpose and Profit written on them, there is a venn diagram with the words 'MissionDriven Goals' and 'Financial Sustainability'

As the End of Financial Year (EOFY) approaches, not-for-profit (NFP) organisations are strategising to harmonise their mission-driven goals with financial sustainability.  At Storyfolk, we’ve distilled essential strategies for NFPs seeking to optimise their EOFY campaigns and partnerships, ensuring they resonate authentically with their core mission and values. Key Takeaways The strategic value of corporate partnerships: […]

Embracing Elder-Centric Design: Strategies for Transforming Healthcare

Embracing Elder-Centric Design hero image, an elderly patient with a look of happiness and satisfaction with the healthcare she has received

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving, driven by a global shift towards an aging population. As people live longer and reach their sixties and beyond, healthcare systems face unprecedented challenges. The World Health Organization has highlighted the critical importance of developing innovative solutions to address the unique healthcare needs of older individuals. This global issue […]

Storyfolk Named as a Top Digital Design Company for Non-profits in Melbourne and Australia

We are thrilled to share the exciting news: Storyfolk has been named as one of the leading digital design companies for non-profits in both Australia and Melbourne by Clutch! As an agency that specialises in branding and website design for the NFP sector this recognition underscores our dedication to providing exceptional tailored digital design services. […]

Reimagining Peak Bodies and National Centres for the Modern Age

Reimagining Peak Bodies and National Centres for the Modern Age is illustrated by a maze infographic with people heading towards the centre point which is an Australia map. The style is sophisticated and detailed.

In the ever-evolving realm of advocacy and industry leadership, the role of peak bodies and national centres cannot be overstated. These organisations serve as essential conduits, embodying entire industries’ collective vision and aspirations within a dynamic environment that demands resilience and innovation. Over recent years, there has been a notable surge in demand for these […]

From Data to Emotion: How Visual Storytelling Amplifies Child Advocacy Campaigns

One talk at a time animated campaign from the National Office for Child Safety. Empathetic illustration of mother in a scene from the video animation.

Child advocacy campaigns play a critical role in promoting the well-being of children worldwide. With around 1 in 7 Australians have experienced childhood abuse1, the urgency of these campaigns cannot be overstated. From reducing poverty to protecting human rights, these initiatives bring awareness to issues impacting children and mobilise support for solutions. However, breaking through […]

Celebrating Finalist Success in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards

Finalist Award Badge awarded to Storyfolk, our Torquay based design studio is honoured to be apart of the Geelong Business Excellence Awards

“Having grown up in Anglesea and attended Primary school in Bellbrae and High School in Geelong, even though I’ve been away from this area for a good decade, the Surf Coast has always felt like home. That’s why being recognised in the region for what we’ve created at Storyfolk feels particularly meaningful to me.” —Sarah […]

Empathy in Design: Workshop for Melbourne International Design Week

artwork by Tibor Novak and title reading Empathy in design

Empathy in Design: Storyfolk Partners with the Gordon TAFE and NGV for Melbourne International Design Week Workshop. Empathy is a driving force that shapes both the world of design and our everyday lives. At Storyfolk, we firmly believe in the profound impact of empathy, which is why we were honoured to be invited to participate […]

Empowering Melbourne Women in Graphic Design: The Flossi Files Interview

Our Creative Director Sarah Gross recently had an insightful conversation with The Flossi Files, delving into the world of Melbourne women in graphic design, life at Storyfolk, and our commitment to empowering the next generation of female creatives. “We feel proud that we can lead by example to help shape the industry for the next […]