Designing the Future: Sydney Design Awards Applaud Storyfolk’s SpaceTech Branding Brilliance

Sydney Design Awards winner in branding for innovation and technology. Open Galactic logo design shown in visual.a

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Storyfolk has secured the esteemed silver award at the Sydney Design Awards in the category of branding for innovation and technology, marking a significant achievement in our collaboration with Open Galactic—an innovative SpaceTech company based in Sydney, led by the team at Saber Astronautics.

Innovative Branding for Sydney SpaceTech Company

This recognition extends beyond accolades; it stands as a testament to our commitment to integrate craftsmanship, innovation, and authenticity in branding. Our dedication to crafting brands of the future, showcased through partnerships with industry leaders like Saber Astronautics and Sumday, not only acknowledges our studio’s capability to compete with industry giants but also signifies our ability to elevate brands to new heights (quite literally through SpaceTech) and leaving a substantial mark on the Australian technology industry.

This recognition holds particular importance in the highly competitive Sydney tech landscape, where only the most innovative and forward-thinking studios thrive. We feel privileged to stand at the forefront, actively contributing to the success of tech companies striving to make a lasting impact in this ever-evolving and fiercely competitive technological landscape.

Our collaboration with Open Galactic, expertly guided by Saber Astronautics, has been exceptional—a project that transcended the ordinary and ventured into the extraordinary, perhaps even “out-of-this-world”! We extend our deepest gratitude to Saber Astronautics for entrusting us with this distinctive project, affording us the opportunity to showcase our expertise at the forefront of space technology. The success of this project, from winning the bid to its national recognition, stands as a testament to the collaborative synergy between our team and our esteemed client.

Open Galactic animated logo design for the brand designed by Storyfolk studio in Melbourne

Open Galactic: Merging Tech with the Artistry of Storytelling

Open Galactic’s open-source space technology platform is a beacon of collaboration and innovation, propelling not only the Australian but the global space economies into uncharted territories. Storyfolk’s pivotal role in crafting an innovative brand identity for Open Galactic underscores our proficiency in encapsulating the boldness and progressiveness inherent in tech ventures. Our strategic focus on storytelling allowed us to meticulously craft a compelling visual and verbal brand narrative that seamlessly resonates with the tech and space community, government entities, funding partners, and the private sector.

As we bask in the glory of our silver award at the Sydney Design Awards, Storyfolk remains resolute in our commitment to pushing creative boundaries. What truly sets us apart extends beyond our design expertise—it is our earnest belief in leveraging design as a force for positive change. In the expansive canvas of innovation, we humbly embrace the responsibility of utilizing our skills to contribute meaningfully to a better world.

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Want to read more about Open Galactic? View the case study here. 

Open Galactic innovative branding and identity applied to poster and website design

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