Storyfolk Wins Gold at the Australian Design Awards 2024 for Branding in Tech

Australian design award winning entry Open Galactic. Image shows the suite of brand collateral including: business cards, poster, typographic design, website and logo design.

We’re thrilled to share that Storyfolk has clinched the Gold Award at the ‘Better Future’ Australian Design Awards 2024 for our branding on the SpaceTech platform, OpenGalactic.    This achievement underscores our passion and expertise in crafting powerful, forward-thinking brands for the dynamic technology sector – a milestone we take immense pride in being recognised […]

Storyfolk Rated Australia’s #1 Nonprofit Brand Consultancy, Leading 4th Globally for 2024

Clutch Badge reads: 'Top Branding Company Non-Profit 2024' awarded to Storyfolk to highlight them being industry leading consultants and NFP specialists.

We’ve been rated #1 top Australian not-for-profit branding agency We are thrilled to announce that, for the second consecutive year, Storyfolk has achieved remarkable recognition as a dominant force in non-profit branding, earning the esteemed title of “Top Branding Company for Non-Profits 2024” by Clutch. This year’s assessment not only solidified our standing as the […]

Redefining Patient Experience: Strategy-Led Approach to Women’s Healthcare in Kenya

Infographic illustration depicting Women's Healthcare and our Strategy-Led Patient Experience development for Kenya based Cliniva

In the heart of Kenya, where the resounding need for accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare for women echoed through communities, Cliniva emerged as a beacon of change. This transformative journey is a testament to the formidable influence of strategy, design, and storytelling in transcending healthcare inequality for women’s health. Collaborating closely with Cliniva, Storyfolk played […]

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Sustainable & Innovative Packaging Design

Sustainable Packaging Design infographic illustration highlighting the impact of single use packs and highlighting thoughtful design

In a landscape where purpose-driven brands are reshaping industries, Shhh Silk emerges as a beacon of change—a sleep, wellness, and beauty brand on a mission to elevate lives through the profound transformation of sleep and self-care. As the dedicated creative and strategic ally for Shhh Silk, Storyfolk embarked on a transformative 12-month journey, steering the […]

Decoding Modern Marketing Trends for 2024: A Guide for Success

Decoding Modern Marketing Trends for 2024: A Guide for Success. Navy thin lined infographic showcasing short-form video, generative AI, and values-based content.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of contemporary marketing, our consultancy is dedicated to simplifying the complex world of buzzwords, ensuring your brand finds an authentic voice that resonates with real people. Let’s decode the marketing trends for 2024.  In a marketing sphere inundated with terms like “Actionable Analytics,” “Advertainment,” “Big Data,” and our personal favourite, […]

2023: A Year of Transformation and Impact

Gif typographic animation with text wrapping up 2023

A Year of Transformation and Impact As we say goodbye to 2023, we reflect on what’s been quite a remarkable year at Storyfolk. This year has been a transformative chapter marked by a diverse mix of projects, industry recognition, and a resolute commitment to making a positive impact within the not-for-profit, community, and health sectors. […]

Empathy & Expertise: Sarah Gross & Tara Hurster Decode the Creative Journey for NNC

Expertise in creative journey and empathy in design, a conversation for Never Not Creative

Sarah Gross, our very own brilliant Creative Director at Storyfolk, is back by popular demand for Never Not Creative’s renowned “Asking For A Friend” series. This isn’t your typical conversation—it’s a deep dive into the creative psyche, tearing down barriers and addressing questions most are afraid to ask.   Guiding the Creative Journey with Thoughtful […]

One Tree Planted: Our Studio’s Ethical Branding Pledge

Storyfolk Studio's Ethical Branding Pledge shown in icon design placed on an aerial shot of forest

We are thrilled to unveil an exciting partnership, one that’s dedicated to creating a lasting positive impact on our precious planet. We’ve been on a mission to go beyond the ordinary, setting a benchmark for corporate social responsibility and highlighting that you don’t have to be the biggest business to make a big impact. At […]